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7 Deadly Sins of SEO: How to Avoid Them and Increase Traffic?

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7 Deadly Sins of SEO: How to Avoid Them and Increase Traffic?

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There are many SEO companies in Pakistan that will promise you the world. They will claim to be able to get you top rankings on Google and increase your traffic overnight. But these are not the types of SEO companies you want to do business with. In this blog post, we will discuss the 7 deadly sins of SEO and how to avoid them. We will also provide tips on how to improve your SEO and increase your traffic!

1. Creates Duplicate Content

This is one of the most common SEO scams out there, and this SEO company tactic is extremely deceptive. They will typically use a blog network or hire writers to create multiple blog posts that are identical to each other on your site, sometimes even using the same headlines as well. The goal is to try and fool search engines into thinking that they are actually unique content so the duplicate content will not hurt your SEO rankings. But don’t be fooled- this tactic might increase your SEO rankings initially but it only hurts you in the long run because Google detects something fishy going on with all of these duplicate posts!

2. Over-Optimizes Your Site

An SEO company that over-optimizes your site is essentially trying to do too much at once. What this company does is fill all of the keywords into every single tag on your page, sometimes even using different capitalization or misspelling them in hopes that Google won’t catch on. Your SEO Ranking might initially go up because of the high volume of keywords used across the page, but once Google realizes what is going on with your site, they will start penalizing you for it and decreasing your SEO rankings.

3. Claims Their SEO Will Last Forever

One of the biggest company tactics that should be a huge red flag for you is when they claim to have SEO that will last forever. SEO takes time, and any SEO company that claims they can get you SEO overnight should raise some serious red flags. It’s also important to keep in mind that Google continues to update its algorithm constantly so what worked a few months ago might not work today or a year from now. The best approach is to build long-term SEO by doing things such as building quality content, getting links from other relevant sites, and optimizing your site for all major search engines instead of just Google!

4. Has No Clients To Show For It

Another scam is when they claim to have SEO clients but cannot show you any of their SEO results. If a company claims that they are the best company, then the natural thing for you to do is ask them for client references. An SEO company that truly knows how to rank high on search engines should not find it hard to provide you with some testimonials or even better yet- a list of actual clients who can confirm their abilities!

5. Too Good To Be True SEO Ranking Chances

The company that promises SEO ranking chances that are too good to be true are the scams you should avoid at all costs. Your SEO rankings depend on other SEO companies, other sites linking to yours, and plenty of other factors out of your Company’s control. The Company might claim they can guarantee your SEO ranking position or tell you that they will get you to page 1 no matter what- but these types of claims are simply unrealistic!

6. Does Not Respond Properly To Your Requests

The company that is not responsive enough to your requests is probably trying to hide something from you for one reason or another. If your company ignores your questions about their services or responds too infrequently then it’s time to look elsewhere! One of the SEO company requirements for SEO rankings is to be completely transparent with clients so there should not be any reason why a company would hesitate to answer your questions. A company that does not respond properly means they do not value your business and might not value you as a customer, either!

7. Hides Behind A Template Site

The tactic we mentioned earlier ties into this one: if the company has nothing more than a template site then it’s time to run away from them as fast as possible! Any company worth its salt should have some kind of actual physical location- whether it’s a headquarter or warehouse where they operate. If all you see is a website then chances are high that the company is a scam that wants to take your money and disappear.

Wrap up:  At the end of the day, you want to make sure that any SEO company in Pakistan you work with is transparent about its practices and has a track record. We are also committed to providing personal service for each client we take on—whether it’s crafting custom blog posts or creating an entirely new website from scratch! If you’re thinking about hiring the expert SEO Company in Pakistan, reach out today so we can help you find one that will give your site some love!  Contact Us Today!

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