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WeProms Celebrating Sports Day at Sporto Club Lahore

WeProms Celebrating a Day off at Sporto Club Lahore
WeProms Celebrating Sports Day at Sporto Club Lahore

WeProms understands that wellness and happiness among staff is the key to a successful work environment. Outdoor events help staff to build a bond and have a little fun outside of work. As one of the fastest-growing digital marketing companies, WeProms is committed to providing the best possible work environment to its staff, so that they can perform to their fullest and complete the tasks with concentration and diligence.

At the annual sports day, the staff is encouraged to participate in various sports activities such as cricket, football, and snooker in one of the biggest indoor sports arenas in Lahore – Sporto Club. After enjoying and having fun employees go to the BBQ area where they can enjoy and feast on-the BBQ that is cooked on the spot.

All in all, this annual sports day is the perfect opportunity to strengthen relationships and reinforce collaboration between the staff. It can also give the company a chance to appreciate the staff for their dedication towards the tasks and motivates them to perform at their very best and show their best face forward.

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