Weproms Pakistan celebrates World’s Employee Appreciation Day!

Weproms Pakistan celebrated its Employee Appreciation Day. The event was a huge success and the employees thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The day was filled with different activities and games that were designed to bring employees closer together as a team.  Employees decorated the office space with inspirational quotes, dedicated team pictures on board, and much more. The day began with everyone gathering in the office for the cake cutting. This was followed by a game of writing compliments about their colleagues on a shoutout board. After that, everyone had dinner at the office premises and CEO Zeeshan Sikandar addressed all the employees, expressing his gratitude for their hard work and dedication. He also spoke about how proud he is to be working with such a talented and committed team. In the end, the CEO awarded incentives and bonuses to employees for their hard work and dedication. The employees ended the day by playing more games and having a lot of fun. The employees felt appreciated and loved, and it was a great way to build team spirit.

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