Why You Should Create A Blog For Your Website?

2021 and the constant evolution of Social media and digital marketing companies have changed the dynamics of running a business online. While having a website is important, running a blog for it is vital for building an audience. A blog can act as a funnel, converting readers into customers who buy your product.

People Will Connect With Your Products

Websites are a funnel for people to explore your products, but the information on there is precise. They are often lacking structure and coherence. A blog can cater to that void. You can write blogs about how people can use your product and creatively market it.

People sometimes are unaware of your product; they can simply google a query and stumble on your blog – they will most likely buy the product as they connect with it.

Breaking Away From “The In Your Face Marketing

While we scroll through the internet, so many advertisements catch our eyes. However, they are annoying at times as the marketing is just plain boring and forced. In comparison to this, a heartfelt note or a video will stay with us and make us more connected to the product/service.

This is what a blog will do for your website – people are more likely to purchase your items and avail of your services if they feel connected with your product. The blogs that you will publish on your site will do the same.


Ah yes, every online business has come across a monster named SEO. It is crucial to your business but is not too hard to crack. At the same time, you can use keywords and maps to boost your reach. An active blog will boost your SEO performance in ways you cant imagine.

Although, it will take time to kick off once you hit the right spot. Your blog will attract readers, and if your content connects with them – they will undoubtedly be your customers/clients.

You can add backlinks in your blog, so customers can directly jump onto different pages of your website when they are reading up on a query.

For example, you have a skincare brand – You can write about skincare routines and tips to improve the texture of your skin. And along the way, add something about your product. It will look more natural and will act as a call to action.

Traffic For The Website

Blogs can act as a funnel to divert traffic to your site. Google works with algorithms that rank your content for its relatability. If someone is searching up for a niche and your site has a blog along with the products. It will most likely attract more traffic from search engines by getting ranked there.

On the other hand, a blank website with just listed products will not get picked up by Google and its algorithms; hence a website with an active blog will serve as a magnet for an audience.

Final Words

Digital Marketing agency Lahore has evolved. As the SEO algorithms have a stronghold over websites – having a blog can fill in the void and help create a funnel for more visitors to your website.


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